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Please pray
posted by: Tetiana on 5/2/2022

Please pray for me. I'm abroad for work. I think I experience bulling or mobbing. I have a chronic fatigue and flu because of stress. I don't know what to do. I'm afraid. Let God help me. Thank you
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Marriage restoration
posted by: Shalu Vishwakarma on 5/2/2022

My husband (Anilkumar Vishwakarma)is not talking with me from last 3months... without any reason he always shouting on me n everytime he insult me infornt of everyone.. he never care or respect me.. there is no love from his side... please pray for my marriage restoration. Pray for marriage life healing.... I am also praying each and everyday Due to this I am not able to sleep , n numbers of thought are taken place in my mind with this m facing depression. I can't concentrate in anything... I am frustrated with my life.... I want my husband back in my life with lots of love respect n care Please pray for my marriage restoration and depression
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Son suicide
posted by: Gina Watson on 5/1/2022

Please pray for my son Jon he is suicidal!
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posted by: Kimberly Renee Lampkin on 4/30/2022

Pray for me please there has been a stubborn demonic voice in my head tormenting me 24/7 meddling me in my mind with disturbing images of my past I don’t have peace freedom or joy happiness like I used to have all I have are gloomy angry days because of what this aggravating voice is doing to me forcing me to become angry all the time I pray to god everyday about this annoying situation everyday nothing works the voice just keeps talking more and getting more annoying
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prayer request
posted by: samuel on 4/30/2022

please pray that God would help me maintain my property well and sell it if it's His will.
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oncoming surgery
posted by: Sharmaine Myles on 4/30/2022

Please pray for me I have a family and I am scared. I am a christian and I pray and I have faith. I have been to your church but now I live in New Orleans,La.
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Prayer for healing
posted by: kelly driskill on 4/28/2022

Hello my name is Kelly and I'm not going to name what is happening with my mind because the name of JESUS is supposed to bigger I wanted to ask for a healing of my mind
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My friend just got Cancer.
posted by: Anonymous on 4/28/2022

My friend just found out she has Cancer. She is so scared and going to chemo therapy for this first time today. I don't live near her but she really needs all the prayers she can get right now. I'm not apart of this congregation but I'm trying to get all the help I can for her. She is a struggling waitress, her Dad is in the hospital, her Mom can't do much for her, her sister lives out of state and she realizes so much on her friends to help her with everyday life. Her name is Peyton Lawsaw, and praying for her in her time of need would mean so much to me. Thank you so much. - Anonymous
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Please pray for me
posted by: Tetiana on 4/24/2022

Please pray for me. I am abroad for work. Please pray for my spiritual and mental state. I feel neglected and unwanted. Let God help me to evaluate that situation clearly. What does He mean to say to me? What is His will in this situation? Thank you.
I will pray 2 people are praying.
posted by: Pastor Thieringo Aguigo on 4/24/2022

PRAYER REQUEST Protection prosperity miracles wisdom freedom, bigs gains, winner's life of bigs gains, favor of God, blessings, chance success healthy healing for pastor Thieringo in Jésus name
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