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    posted by: Alice on 7/5/2018

    Will you pray with me for healing for some serious life threatening diseases.I want God's will to be done above all else & will give him the praise
    I will pray 4 people are praying.
    i need the power of God
    posted by: pirfa wilfred kumbin on 6/5/2018

    Dear great men and women of God, i greet you in the Lords name. please pray to God for His anointing fire to rest upon my spirit. i really need to be praying in the spirit, pray for the fire of prophet Elijah to rest upon my spirit. thank you
    I will pray 5 people are praying.
    Spiritual and Financial help
    posted by: JC on 5/12/2018

    Dear Prayer Warriors, I am requesting prayers for help in removing negative blockages in all areas of my life. I am spiritually being blocked from receiving help in any form and many blessings that are to come to me. I live in an area where a lot of spiritual warfare is still going on. I need prayers to remove the negative blockages that are preventing me from getting jobs, obtaining many opportunities, improving and obtaining my personal fulfillment, mental focus, peace within, financial improvement, discernment and receiving my inheritance that my dad left for me and my mom. He passed away in 2007. We are to receive money and his property with a house sitting on it. We have been expecting the money since he died but haven’t received it yet. We know we are to receive it. Also, I don’t have a job right now and this has caused me to become financially challenged. I have a student loan that I haven’t paid on in months. I have applications in but no one is calling. My job situation has been going on for over 3 years now. I am financially hurting right now. I need prayers to help me with this. I also want to ask for help in stopping my hair from falling out, heal the inflammation of the arthritis in my joints and a new mayor for the city of Thomasville, AL. I am requesting prayers for these issues.
    I will pray 3 people are praying.
    Prayer Request
    posted by: Danita Johnson on 5/2/2018

    Prayer For Healing
    I will pray 9 people are praying.
    posted by: Paul on 3/25/2018

    Please pray that God will help me to get a job, follow Him and manage my money. Also pray for protection and healing for my family. Lastly pray that God would fill me freshly with His Spirit in Jesus's name!
    I will pray 12 people are praying.
    posted by: Kelly Johnston on 3/6/2018

    I am desperate to receive prayer for healing. I have depression and anxiety due to a sickness that I cannot find a solution to. My ears are clogged and painful, and I have extreme pressure headaches. I had a sinus surgery to try to correct the issue and now have extreme dryness in my nose, stuffed up feeling, along with pressure and worsened headaches I also have jaw and teeth pain, along with unfocused vision and neck pain.I have a also lost my ability to taste and smell as a result. I have lost a lot of weight b/c of this and basically lay in bed all day bc of the pain. Thanks, Kelly
    I will pray 13 people are praying.
    posted by: li cross on 1/7/2018

    Please pray that God can help me not to lost my salvation and my job in the Administration Wing, so that I can continue to preach the gospel (Jesus crucified), sorry and thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-Men.
    I will pray 14 people are praying.
    Please pray
    posted by: Edmund Krzeminski on 12/15/2017

    [We read] In the King James Bible, Ezekiel 22:30: "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none." O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada and Poland. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher? Please pray that Poland, the USA/Canada would overcome for: (The Acts 26.18). * Poland, pray for freedom from dead religion to saving faith in God through Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Lord by grace only, * the Church in the USA, Canada – Pray for repentance and cleansing of the church--Matt. 3.12 "Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." * my family: 1. Stir up the hearts of my family for ministry—for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, and our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 2. Pray God's will and wisdom for me and my family; I ask God for great wisdom in school for Daniel, and for Edmund’s work situation, for Dorothy and Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann (God's protection over the company where she works), 3. God's order in my work. I ask God for great wisdom at my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank God for the continuation of my work. Edmund & Dorothy Krzeminski
    I will pray 13 people are praying.
    Full time employment
    posted by: Greg on 11/26/2017

    I humbly ask for your prayers that The Lord would open a door to full time employment that is a blessing and meets all of my needs so that I can feed and support my wife and children. In the name of Jesus I pray. Thank you and God Bless you. Greg – Cuyahoga Falls, OH
    I will pray 15 people are praying.
    protection and health for my mom Aamaneh and for me and all us
    posted by: sara leila on 11/22/2017

    Hi, I am sara leila, plz pray powerfully for my mom Aamane' plz pray God protects her from all bad happenings, death, disease and devil disturbances. plz pray God protects her from evil eyes, from satanic powers and from all bad accidents, from bad people and their attacks, and from devil powers and attacks. plz pray God makes her healthy completely healthy and keeps her alive and healthy, plz pray for her healing. and pray for her healing, she washes everything a lot, just in washing. plz pray and break every single satanic power in my life and in my mother life. Thank you very much.
    I will pray 14 people are praying.
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